Claim a surface water drainage rebate

If your surface water doesn’t drain into a public sewer, you could be eligible for reduced sewerage costs. Please use this form to ask us for a surface water drainage rebate.

If you own more than one property, please use one form for each.

Surface water drainage is charged as part of your wastewater services. Most households need to pay this charge, including for buildings with a shared roof such as flats or apartments. In most cases, the rain that falls on your roof, driveway and other parts of your property will drain away into one of our public sewers. There are some properties where all the surface water flows away through a soakaway or into a stream. If so, that water won't be heading into the public sewer and you can apply for a reduction in your charges.

You can find out if you’re connected to the public sewer by checking where your gutters lead. If there’s evidence of a sewer close by – for instance, a heavy-duty manhole cover – then it’s likely that surface water from your property drains directly into the sewer. We’ll include a surface water drainage charge in your wastewater fixed charges.

Your bill will state whether or not we’ve included a surface water drainage charge. Just check the right-hand column on page two. This will also show what the reduction could be if you’re not connected to the public sewerage system.

If none of the surface water from your property flows into a public sewer, please complete our online form.

You’ll need:

  • Your account number (printed at the top of your bill)
  • Supporting information for your claim

If we approve your claim, we’ll calculate the rebate from the date you moved into the property or altered the property so that the surface water no longer drains to the public sewer, to a maximum of 6 years. We consider and grant rebates on a case-by-case basis.

It's important that the person completing the form has the authority to change any details.

When you're filling out the form, please make sure anything you enter is the same as it is on your bill. If your name or address is incorrect on your bill, please update your details now.


Your name

Your contact details

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Your account details

Please provide your Thames Water account number and address.

Your mailing address

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Surface water details

Your property details

Please provide details of where your surface water dispenses to, e.g. soakaway, natural water course. You may be asked to provide evidence to support your application
Please note: Rebates will be granted on a case by case basis